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Internet + manufacturing remote maintenance function

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At present, China's industry is already in the forefront of the world, from "Made in China" to "Created in China", but the current Chinese industry still lags behind some developed countries in general, especially in the area of network intelligence equipment. The contor cloud platform independently developed by Shenyang Contor has been put into operation in many countries in China and around the world. 

etwork Intelligence Equipment

For the traditional welded pipe industry, Internet +, remote maintenance is no longer out of reach. Internet+ is the further practice of Internet thinking. Generally speaking, Internet+ is the Internet plus various traditional industries, but it is not a simple addition of the two, but the use of information and communication technologies and Internet platforms to make the Internet and traditional industries deep. Mutual integration, which represents a new form of operation, can make full use of the optimization and integration of the Internet in resource allocation, and enhance the innovation and productivity of enterprises.Please contact us for details.contor@scontor.net 

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