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165 Cold flying saw
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The Year-end Party of Shenyang Contor M. & E.

Categories: Contor NewsStars: 3Stars Visit: - Release time: 2015-03-07 10:42:00
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Before the Chinese Lunar New Year, Contor M. & E held the Year-end Party. Let’s look back to some pictures that day.

Shenyang Contor manager

General Manager Gu gave a speech, and made a conclusion of past 2014 and look forward of next year.During the past 2014, Contor M. & E. set a pretty high bar in the field of steel pipe cutter, sales volume have grown exponentially during the past 2014, and each staff here did an extraordinary job, which is hard to follow.

Shenyang Contor finest staff

And we gave the medal of the finest staff in 2014, as well as the finest team in 2014, they set an example of striving for the better. 

Shenyang Contor Finest team

The group photograph of the R&D Department

Let’s give gratitude to the smart people who close the gap between what Cold Flying Saw as it is and the cutter as you want it to be. No matter how touch the challenge in front of you guys, you know they are eminently solvable and confident that you are tougher.

Shenyang Contor Staff together 

All of our staffs are college graduates, master graduate, PhDs, even the professors in the university. We see your passion, can-do spirit, creativity, voice and service. Next are the inviting and beautiful photos of the Year-end Party, let’s enjoy them together.

Shenyang Contor Party

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