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Contor Steel Pipe Cutting Machine, High-Quality and Worry-free[ 01-22 10:50 ]
For the operation situation of Shenyang Contor Steel Pipe Cutting Machine, you have no need to worry
2016 1st Event! Contor Employee Welfare[ 01-19 16:07 ]
Continuous learning, innovation is Contor's traditional Character. January 15-16, Shenyang Contor managers participated in the first training session of the year 2016
Contor M. & E. Believe in Concentration and Craftsmanship[ 01-11 13:35 ]
It will be 2016 Spring Festival after less than one month, however, Contor M. & E. staffs still focus on their work, aim at better products and services.
Why does everyone like Contor CNC Cutting Saw?[ 12-31 13:29 ]
Until today, Shenyang Contor Machine & Electric Equipment Co., Ltd has already served more than 5000 customers all over the world. Who said there are a thousand hamlets in a thousand people's eyes? Yes, it is true. Among thousands of steel pipe cutting...
Shenyang Contor Busy End of 2015[ 12-30 15:21 ]
On this month, cold cutting saw, flying saw cutting machine orders have been brought together to Contor factory.
Contor M. & E. Wish You Merry Christmas[ 12-24 11:05 ]
Merry Christmas & happy new year
Bazhou Sanqiang Purchased 4 Sets CNC Cutting Equipment Again[ 12-17 14:37 ]
A large numbers of Shenyang Contor M. & E. customers comes from old customers and friends'introduction. The word of mouth comes from our high quality products and worry free after-sales service.
Machine for Cut Steel Pipe Was Shipped Out Today[ 12-09 14:37 ]
Machine for Cut Steel pipe is popular in the steel pipe manufacturing industry, our customer Kunshan Fulong’s CTCS-50 was shipped out today.
Pipe Cutoff Saw Delivery to Jinagsu China[ 12-09 13:23 ]
Good product, not just by public praise
Shenyang Contor Steel Pipe Cutting Machine Commission[ 12-03 10:15 ]
Shenyang Contor Machine & Electric Equipment Co., Ltd’s main product, steel pipe cutting machine is High Tech product inside China, and own CE certificate and other national patent certificates.
Steel tube and pipe cutoff saw maintenance[ 11-28 11:36 ]
steel tube and pipe cutoff machine maintenance points from Contor, China.
Cutting short steel pipes directly online[ 11-27 13:35 ]
New product of cold saw,cutoff short steel pipe online
【Tanksgiving】Every cold saw is honestly-made.[ 11-26 14:21 ]
From Aug.to Nov.,contor website received 21,054 visitors.
CNC Cutting Machines Delivery At Night[ 11-23 14:52 ]
Even at night, Shenyang Contor Staffs still arrange the CNC Cutting Machines shipment for clients.
Cut to Length Cold Saw Gain Malaysia Praise[ 11-13 15:17 ]
During August 20, 2015 to 31 Shenyang Contor electrical engineer Yang Bo visit our Malaysia client.
Henan Client Visit Contor Check Automatic Pipe Cutters[ 11-10 14:55 ]
On November 4th. 2015, the customers from Henan Province came to us and check Shenyang Contor Automatic Pipe Cutters.
Contor Purchasing Empty Cabinet for Cold Saw[ 11-03 14:25 ]
Any requirements about tube and pipe cutoff please contact us: contor@scontor.net.
Japanese "Iris Group" Visit Contor Check Flying Saw[ 11-03 14:07 ]
Japanese Companies "Iris Group" Came to Get CTCS 32 Acceptance Test.
How to Win-Win and Create Value for Customers[ 10-28 11:43 ]
Doctoral Advisor Professor Ma from Nankai University arrived in Shenyang on October 15th, and spent two days training Sales Department for Shenyang Contor Machine & Electric Equipment Co., Ltd
Cutting Results of Circular Cold Cut Saw[ 10-27 14:15 ]
Shenyang Contor Circular Cold Cut Saw is famous of its better cutting edge without burrs.
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