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Happy Dragon Boat Festival[ 06-20 11:30 ]
The Dragon Boat Festival (also know as Duanwu Festival) is a traditional Chinese holiday. It commemorates the life and death of the famous Chinese scholar Qu Yuan.
Shenyang Contor Friendly Basketball Match[ 06-08 13:22 ]
Our friendly Basketball match with Shenyang Tongge law firm come to a successful end.
Blades Cutting Sawing Machine[ 05-28 14:16 ]
Shenyang Contor M.& E. have got High Tech Enterprise certificate,Torch Program certificate,more than 18 Patents and CE certificate since its founded in 1992.
Tube and Pipe Cold Cutting Saw Controlling System[ 05-25 15:54 ]
Contor M.& E. is specialized in providing electrical controlling system for the tube and pipe cutting machine.
Automated Cutting Saw on Delivery[ 05-22 14:52 ]
We customized CTCS 60 cold cutting machine for our clients.
Milling Type Cold Saw Manufacturing Procedure[ 05-13 13:38 ]
Customize cold saw machine for client's requirements
Shenyang Contor Employees' Day[ 05-11 15:06 ]
China Youth'day on 4th May. Shenyang Contor M.& E. Co.,Ltd always held a activity for their employees every year.
CNC Milling Machine for Large Pipe Cutting[ 04-29 06:10 ]
Milling type flying cold saw is in production.
Bearing FAQ[ 04-21 07:54 ]
Contor CNC pipe Cutting Saw uses high quality bearings, like SKF, HRB, NSK and so on
Flying cold Saw Machine and Friction Saw Machine[ 04-16 01:53 ]
Difference between cold saw and friction saw
Cut to length cold saw on Delivery Again[ 04-15 03:59 ]
The best pipe and tube cutting solution
Contor Automatic Cold Saw Machine on the ERW Pipe Line[ 04-14 09:29 ]
The whole ERW Pipe Line Processes:loading Coil, Uncoiler, Leveling, Shearing and Butt Welding, Accumulator, Forming, HF Welding, Intermediate annealing, Sizing, Cutting Saw, Hydraulic Testing, UT testing, Marking and Collecting.
Burr Free Cutting Saw--Pipe Cutting Inline[ 04-11 07:22 ]
Burr free cutting saw introduction and features
The difference of Cold Rolling and Hot Rolling[ 04-09 07:11 ]
Hot rolling is thin steel plate rolled in high temperature. Cold rolling is the steel plate rolled in normal temperature. Generally, hot rolling is operated first, then is the cold rolling. For the thick steel plate to be rolled into thin ones, hot rolling is ...
CNC Pipe Cutting Saw Introduction[ 04-08 08:07 ]
Customize pipe cutting saw for tube mills
Milling Type Flying Cold Saw--Baymax in Cold Cutting Saw Field[ 03-25 13:08 ]
Introduction of Contor Milling Type Flying Cold Saw
Best-selling Product Cold Saw on Delivery[ 03-13 13:16 ]
This week there are two sets of cold saw sent to domestic and abroad.
Contor Cold Saw in Huaxi Village[ 03-12 14:57 ]
Huaxi is one of the richest village in China, there every person is entitled to free healthcare and education,a luxurious home and cooking oil. From now on, Contor Cold Flying Saw enters Huaxi Village Steel Mill and contributes to the prosperity of Huaxi Village.
Staffs in Contor M.&E.[ 03-11 14:10 ]
At the moment of our sales volume is growing at the fastest pace, today I will focus on the people who share and contribute to the Contor M.&E. success, and those believe that they could get ahead as long as they work hard in Contor M.&E..
The Year-end Party of Shenyang Contor M. & E.[ 03-07 10:42 ]
Before the Chinese Lunar New Year, Contor M. & E held the Year-end Party. Let’s look back to some pictures that day.
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