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CNC dual blade cutting machine[ 04-02 09:38 ]
The CNC dual blade cutting machine is a fixed-length cutting steel pipe in the continuous production of straight pipe or square rectangular pipe straight seam welded pipe production line
【Qingdao】 High-speed cold cutting flying saw synchronous belt form[ 07-28 10:26 ]
Recently, Shenyang Contor high-speed synchronous belt flying cutoff saw was successfully put into production in Qingdao.
【Vietnam】Delivery of automatic steel pipe packing machine[ 07-20 11:24 ]
The fully automatic steel pipe palletizing and packing equipment produced by Contor was delivered successfully.
【Thailand】Timing belt flying cold saw[ 06-30 11:07 ]
Since 2017 year, contor develop a new type flying saw machine, which is timming belt flying cold saw.
【Russia】Cold saw customer visit Contor Factory[ 06-23 13:48 ]
Recently, Contor received foreign friends from Russia to visit the factory.
【Korea】Repurchase flying cold saw again[ 06-19 09:18 ]
South Korean Client have purchased many flying cold saws from Contor, which belong to the category of high-speed cold saws
How to choose good quality flying cold saw?[ 06-15 10:41 ]
You can start from the following aspects:flying cold saw motion controller
Is it necessary to purchase a fully automatic steel pipe palletizer?[ 05-07 13:50 ]
In the current epidemic situation, many factors cannot be predicted, including the working status and the number of migrant workers, which is incomparable with the previous intensive labor period. Therefore, a fully automatic steel pipe palletizer is very necessary.
【May Day】Pay tribute to Contor workers[ 04-28 13:57 ]
Wish everyone a happy holiday
【VIDEO】Two blade cold saw video collection[ 04-21 16:15 ]
Unlike single-blade cold-cut saws,two blade cold saw uses double-saw blades to perform online profiling along the shape of the pipe wall.
【Guide】pocurement Guide for Cold Cutting Flying Saw[ 04-15 15:17 ]
Too many new manufacturers make buyer dazzled by too many manufacturers. The focus of each introduction is different, so why is it so difficult to find a suitable device! How do the buyer choose?
Delivery of automatic metal sawing machine[ 04-02 12:54 ]
Contor automatic metal sawing machine was shipped to Jiangsu today
Cold cut flying saw rework inspection[ 03-12 09:22 ]
What inspections need to be done before production?
Difference between high frequency welded pipe and submerged arc welded pipe[ 03-05 15:49 ]
The high-frequency resistance welding of steel pipe welds is made by melting the base material of the steel strip body, and its mechanical strength is better than that of ordinary welded pipes.
Contor milling and cutting pipe welding machine shipped today[ 02-27 15:05 ]
Conformal milling and cutting pipe welding machine signed by Shenyang Contor Company and a Jiangsu factory was successfully delivered.
The first day of resumption of business[ 02-20 15:12 ]
What happened on the first day of resumption of work in the extraordinary period? Take a look at CONTOR.
Notice on resumption of work[ 02-12 11:16 ]
To do our best to prevent and control the epidemic situation of new-type coronavirus infection, reduce personnel gathering
How to purchase flying saw cutoff machine?[ 01-27 09:43 ]
The most intuitive manifestation of the strength of a factory is the honors and certifications it receives.
Tube mill manufacturer in China[ 01-21 10:15 ]
As a flying saw machine manufacturer Contor usually required to introduce the tube mill manufacturer from China.
What is cold cutting?[ 01-14 15:19 ]
Cold cutting is a cutting method
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