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Milling Type Flying Saw[ 04-28 09:49 ]
Milling type Cold Cutting Saw is used to cut pipes to certain length which transported by welding part. It is a rotation radial feed type
tube stacking bundle machine[ 04-27 10:10 ]
At present, China's industry is gradually entering the era of intelligence
Internet + manufacturing remote maintenance function[ 04-26 09:57 ]
At present, China's industry is already in the forefront of the world, from "Made in China" to "Created in China", but the current Chinese industry still lags behind some developed countries in general, especially in the area of network intelligence equipment
Metal cutting flying cold saw control system[ 04-24 13:37 ]
Cutting metal tubes is full of challenges. Advances in saw blade geometry and coating technology have made TCT or HSS circular saw blades an effective choice for solving this challenge.
Highlights of cold saw flying cut-off machine[ 04-23 13:34 ]
Contor Equipment has been recognized as the earliest pioneer and the foremost manufacturer in China for making cold saw flying cut-off machines
A synchronous cold sawing machine[ 04-22 16:28 ]
A synchronous cold sawing machine includes a sawing motor, and a shaft end of the sawing motor is connected with a milling saw blade via a gear box drive
Tube and Pipe Stacking package system[ 04-21 08:46 ]
The automatic stacking and packaging machine developed and produced by Shenyang Contor is a mechatronics equipment with the motion controller independently developed by Contor
Cold cutting saw once again settled in Southeast Asia[ 04-20 08:42 ]
Cold-cut saws have become a hot trend overseas, and more and more foreign customers choose to manufacture in China.
Steel pipe cutting machine[ 04-19 10:51 ]
Advantages of steel pipe cutting machine: high-precision double-servo control, one-time feeding can be cut many times, and cutting precision is high.
Steel pipe cutting machine[ 04-19 10:51 ]
Advantages of steel pipe cutting machine: high-precision double-servo control, one-time feeding can be cut many times, and cutting precision is high.
Factors affecting the life of the saw blade[ 04-18 13:56 ]
The cold flying saws independently developed by Shenyang contor can generally use two types of saw blades.
Tube mill big size pipe flying saw[ 04-16 15:10 ]
Contor Tube mill big size pipe flying saw was once again put into production in Guangdong
Flying saw with dual blade[ 04-15 10:07 ]
Shenyang Contor flying saw with dual blade is mainly used for large-diameter thick-walled pipe, profile cutting online
Double blade flying saw is more efficient[ 04-14 13:41 ]
The double blade flying saw was successfully put into production in India, and the effect was gratifying.
Steel pipe stacking machine[ 04-11 10:50 ]
Steel pipe stacking automatic baling machine, Shenyang Contor independent research and development is based on the M3 control system as the core of the electromechanical integration equipment.
Cold cutting saw--square tube cutting machine[ 04-10 15:54 ]
The cold-cut saw cuts the square tube and the rectangular tube continuously on the line, and cuts according to the customer's requirements.
Welded Pipe Cold Cutting Saw[ 04-10 13:38 ]
Contor welded pipe cold cutting saw is an important sawing equipment in the welded pipe production line.
cold saw replace friction saw[ 04-10 11:39 ]
The cold-cut saw independently developed by Shenyang Contor is gradually replacing the friction saw in the welded pipe industry.
Cold saw Blade Introduction[ 04-09 14:05 ]
There are two types of saw blades commonly used for Shengyang Contor cold cutting saw
Contor automatic pipe sawing machine[ 04-08 14:01 ]
Today, we bring you the latest on-site video of fully automatic metal sawing machine.
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