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cold cutting saw maintenance[ 03-11 14:35 ]
Compared with traditional hot-cut saws, Shenyang Contor cold flying saw are more precise and stable.
Contor flying saw runs smoothly[ 03-10 13:38 ]
Cold flying saw is the main product of Shenyang Contor. Because the cold flying saw adopts the principle of cold milling, the speed and feed rate of the saw blade when cutting the welded pipe must be controllable.
Automatic stacking and baling machine[ 03-09 13:35 ]
Shenyang Contor independently developed fully automatic stacking and baling machine, with obvious advantages such as high efficiency, safety and saving labor cost.
Automatic metal sawing machine[ 03-08 13:27 ]
Shenyang Contor automatic metal sawing machine, combined with Siemens SIMOTION/Contor CT-III control system to achieve high speed and high quality of pipe and bar fully automated cut length cutting
automatic steel tube palletizing equipment[ 03-07 16:12 ]
It has already provided equipment for many domestic users and exported to Cambodia, Ecuador and other regions.
Automatic metal circular sawing machine[ 03-06 13:48 ]
Shenyang Contor customize automatic metal pipe circular sawing machine according to customer's requirements, mainly used for metal square pipe, round pipe, rectangular pipe and various profiles.Fully automatic operation saves time labor costs.
Fitness equipment, pipe automatic flying saw machine[ 03-05 09:18 ]
The birth and application of cold fiying saws fully meet the requirements of high speed, high precision and high quality, faster speed, higher cutting precision, smooth nozzle and no burr is the guarantee of many high-end industries.
flying cut off saw maintenance[ 02-27 11:35 ]
The Contor cloud platform independently developed by Shenyang Contor has been launched online and successfully in many countries in China and around the world.
Cold flying saw Entrucking[ 02-22 14:24 ]
The cold flying saw is already on the road and goes to the customers' sites in Wuxi and Foshan.
Flying saw Simple Operation Instruction[ 02-22 12:58 ]
Just introduce the cold flying saw operation
ERW pipe process and equipment[ 02-22 10:37 ]
Shenyang Contor specializes in research and development of cold-cut flying saws for more than 20 years.
Steel Tube Cutting Machine Thailand scene[ 02-21 13:57 ]
The Steel Tube Cutting Machine was once again settled in Thailand. At the beginning of 2019, the Shenyang Contor CTCS32 Steel Tube Cutting Machine was once again settled in Thailand. Efficient and stable has been synonymous with the Steel Tube Cutting Machine.
Two blade cold saw for Larger pipe cutting inline[ 02-20 14:03 ]
Two saw blades can be cut into the wall at the same time to realize the profile cutting of the simulated tubular track, thereby greatly reducing the specifications of the saw blade.
welded pipe palletizing machine[ 02-17 10:12 ]
For better customer service Shenyang contor launched a special meeting on automatic stacking balers, training each after-sales service engineer with expertise and skills on automatic stacking balers
Contor Chinese New Year Holiday[ 01-16 14:10 ]
In 2019, we will work harder and harder to provide you with quality products and services!
Large Diameter Pipe Cutting Machine[ 12-18 14:08 ]
With the increasing of pipe diameter, suitable for small diameter steel pipe sawing circular saws, flying saws has been difficult to meet large diameter pipe production requirements.
Pray Malaysia Airlines MH370[ 03-25 09:34 ]
Malaysia Airlines MH370 Flight Incident - Press Briefing by Hishammuddin Hussein, Minister of Defence and Acting Minister of Transport
The saw cart can not return after the tracing[ 11-01 09:50 ]
There is something wrong with saw cart drive motor or the saw cart electric machine.Circuit problem.Cart speed is faster than pipe speed, and the showing length is smaller above 6mm than setting length.
The system can not enter the mode of auto.[ 11-01 09:47 ]
The saw cart isn’t at the position of the HOME key light shinning.The line J141 didn’t connect with the motion controller.The line J160 didn’t connect with the motion controller. There are problems or no feedback for cart motor driving, feeding motor driving or cutting motor driving.
Research on the Precision of Friction Saw Influencing Workpiece Quality[ 11-01 09:35 ]
The paper presents the effect of precision of friction saw on workpiece quality,which is obtained by analysing the movement of friction saw.
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