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What equipment does the welded pipe unit include?[ 12-24 10:40 ]
In recent years, with the rapid development of real estate and basic public utilities, many welded pipe manufacturers have emerged in China.
flying saw online cutting household steel pipe[ 12-18 09:34 ]
In response to market demand, to serve customers, according to customer needs, Shenyang Contor researches, develops, designs, and produces stainless steel composite pipe online cutting short pipe cold saws.
Track welding pipe cutting equipment manufacturer[ 12-10 10:10 ]
Tracking welding pipe cutting equipment scientific name high frequency welding pipe production line flying saw
Indonesia Double Saw Blade Cold Cutting Saw[ 12-04 10:01 ]
two blade cold saw machine in Indonesia
What is high frequency welded pipe production line[ 11-27 10:15 ]
The high-frequency welded pipe production line is equipment for producing steel pipes: mainly composed of uncoiler, leveler, shear butt welder, storage materialLooper, forming sizing machine, computer flying saw, hydraulic pressure testing machine, blanking roller table, flaw detection equipment, packing machine, etc.
Steel pipe flying saw cutting machine[ 11-19 11:10 ]
How do we produce the commonly used steel pipes in our lives? Sawing high-frequency straight seam welded pipe, commonly known as ERW welded pipe production line
How about cold-cut sawing thin materials?[ 11-12 10:45 ]
At present, there are many netizens who call Shenyang contor to consult the cold-cut saw cutting thin material.
Contor cold cut flying saw blade specifications[ 11-05 10:51 ]
The special cold cut circular saw blades of Contor cold cut flying saws vary in size. According to the range of the diameter of the welded pipe that needs to be sawed, the range of the wall thickness, the material of the welded pipe determines which type of material is used for the cold-cut flying saw blade.
Automated online flying saw application[ 10-31 10:51 ]
Automated online flying saw is an automatic equipment for online tracking and cutting of continuously produced welded pipes. It is widely used in high frequency welded pipe production.
Difference between Flying Saw & Flying Cold Saw[ 10-24 13:29 ]
what is the difference between the cold saw and flying saw machine?
Circular saw blade for flying saw cutoff machine[ 10-21 14:23 ]
High-speed steel saw blades have high hardness, high wear resistance and high heat resistance of tool steel
Steel Pipe Making Machine / ERW Tube Mill Line[ 10-14 13:55 ]
ERW pipe mill is a series of tube machines that builds longitudinal weld seam pipe with steel strips of certain width.
Shenyang Contor flying cutoff saw machine[ 10-08 13:35 ]
flying saw cutoff saw cutting the metal tubes and pipes
My motherland and I --Contor Employee[ 10-04 11:22 ]
Once, as an after-sales service engineer, I have been to many countries, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, and walked around the world. I realized that China is the best country in the world.
[Southeast Asia] 2019 International Pipe Machinery Exhibition ended successfully[ 10-01 15:29 ]
The 2019 Southeast Asia exhibition
【National Day】Contor holiday Notice[ 09-26 10:50 ]
China National Day holidays 2019
【VIDEO】Hebi CTCS 50 cold saw machine[ 09-25 11:34 ]
Time is passing fast, and busy September is about to pass. It’s time to go again on October and then 2020 is Coming!
Chinese Festival Holiday Notice[ 09-07 11:32 ]
Mid-Autumn Festival holiday in 2019
Flying Saw Shippment[ 08-27 14:14 ]
flying cold saw machine shippment details.
Contor Customer Service Team[ 08-08 13:30 ]
Machine maintenance: Customer service engineer will help customers keep machines working well
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