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CNC Cutting Machines Delivery At Night[ 11-23 14:52 ]
Even at night, Shenyang Contor Staffs still arrange the CNC Cutting Machines shipment for clients.
Cut to Length Cold Saw Gain Malaysia Praise[ 11-13 15:17 ]
During August 20, 2015 to 31 Shenyang Contor electrical engineer Yang Bo visit our Malaysia client.
Henan Client Visit Contor Check Automatic Pipe Cutters[ 11-10 14:55 ]
On November 4th. 2015, the customers from Henan Province came to us and check Shenyang Contor Automatic Pipe Cutters.
Contor Purchasing Empty Cabinet for Cold Saw[ 11-03 14:25 ]
Any requirements about tube and pipe cutoff please contact us: contor@scontor.net.
Japanese "Iris Group" Visit Contor Check Flying Saw[ 11-03 14:07 ]
Japanese Companies "Iris Group" Came to Get CTCS 32 Acceptance Test.
How to Win-Win and Create Value for Customers[ 10-28 11:43 ]
Doctoral Advisor Professor Ma from Nankai University arrived in Shenyang on October 15th, and spent two days training Sales Department for Shenyang Contor Machine & Electric Equipment Co., Ltd
Cutting Results of Circular Cold Cut Saw[ 10-27 14:15 ]
Shenyang Contor Circular Cold Cut Saw is famous of its better cutting edge without burrs.
Single Blade Flying Saw in Shanghai Steel Pipe Exhibition[ 10-26 14:07 ]
Shenyang Contor’s single blade flying saw was exhibited and got wide attention from inside and foreign friends.
Single Blade Flying Saw on Delivery[ 10-20 11:14 ]
we develop the cold saw tube cutting machine ourselves including mechanical and electrical parts.
Leading technology of cold saw[ 10-19 09:48 ]
Flying Cold Saw known as: cold saws, circular saws, also known as cold sawing, cold cutoff saws.
【JiangSu】Contor Flying Saw Wins More and More Trust[ 10-09 11:37 ]
JiangSu customer bought one set of CTCS 89 from Shenyang Contor Machine & Electric Equipment Co., Ltd, today the flying saw they ordered is shipped.
CNC Blade Cutting Machine Shipout to Dubai[ 09-28 11:10 ]
Shenyang Contor CTCS series 60 cold saw delivery on time.
Shenyang Contor Employees Happy trip![ 09-22 15:18 ]
Among the 9th to 12th on September,Shenyang Contor organize collective tourism once a year, in order to appreciate employees a year of hard work.
4 sets of flying saws delivery on time again[ 09-17 16:10 ]
Flying Saw control system adopted CT-01 motion controller which independently developed by our company.
Flying Saw in Indian Welded Pipeline[ 09-15 11:36 ]
Indian client ordered 4 sets of cold saws from Contor Again.
Tube and Pipe Cutoff Machine Manufacturer Inner Meeting[ 09-08 11:42 ]
Continuous learning can keep us always be welded tube and pipe cutoff machine industry leader.
Closely Contact the Cold Saw Commission Cutting Process of Contor M. & E.[ 09-02 13:26 ]
“Skill、Product、Brand” hare the three points which Contor M. & E. pays attention to.
4 sets of steel tube and pipe cuttof machine delivery again[ 08-31 15:07 ]
Contor CTCS 50,76,89 cold saw and 127 friction saw delivery on time.
Shenyang Contor M. & E. Concentrates on the Development of Foreign and Inside Customers[ 08-27 09:51 ]
The General Manger, Mr. Gu and Top Management got deeper and friendly talk with the leaders of ZhongYuan Company in Jiangsu Province.
Milling Type cold cutoff Saw for Large Diameter Steel Pipe Cutting[ 08-26 10:37 ]
Shenyang Contor M.&E. is the NO.1 brand of Cold Cutoff Saw, and provides service and products for big and middle size enterprise.
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