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CNC dual blade cutting machine[ 04-02 09:38 ]
The CNC dual blade cutting machine is a fixed-length cutting steel pipe in the continuous production of straight pipe or square rectangular pipe straight seam welded pipe production line
【Qingdao】 High-speed cold cutting flying saw synchronous belt form[ 07-28 10:26 ]
Recently, Shenyang Contor high-speed synchronous belt flying cutoff saw was successfully put into production in Qingdao.
【Vietnam】Delivery of automatic steel pipe packing machine[ 07-20 11:24 ]
The fully automatic steel pipe palletizing and packing equipment produced by Contor was delivered successfully.
【Thailand】Timing belt flying cold saw[ 06-30 11:07 ]
Since 2017 year, contor develop a new type flying saw machine, which is timming belt flying cold saw.
【Russia】Cold saw customer visit Contor Factory[ 06-23 13:48 ]
Recently, Contor received foreign friends from Russia to visit the factory.
【Korea】Repurchase flying cold saw again[ 06-19 09:18 ]
South Korean Client have purchased many flying cold saws from Contor, which belong to the category of high-speed cold saws
How to choose good quality flying cold saw?[ 06-15 10:41 ]
You can start from the following aspects:flying cold saw motion controller
Is it necessary to purchase a fully automatic steel pipe palletizer?[ 05-07 13:50 ]
In the current epidemic situation, many factors cannot be predicted, including the working status and the number of migrant workers, which is incomparable with the previous intensive labor period. Therefore, a fully automatic steel pipe palletizer is very necessary.
【May Day】Pay tribute to Contor workers[ 04-28 13:57 ]
Wish everyone a happy holiday
【VIDEO】Two blade cold saw video collection[ 04-21 16:15 ]
Unlike single-blade cold-cut saws,two blade cold saw uses double-saw blades to perform online profiling along the shape of the pipe wall.
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