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[News]Cold cutting saw supplier Shenyang Contor[ 2019-05-29 15:42 ]
Although the speed of the cold saw is not as fast as that of the friction saw, the result is a clean cut that does not require deburring
[Contor News]differnece between cold saw and friction saw[ 2019-05-27 11:36 ]
CTCS series cold-cut saws independently developed by Shenyang Contor.Its performance is stable, cutting precision is high, and production speed is fast.
[Contor News]cold saw replace friction saw[ 2019-04-10 11:39 ]
The cold-cut saw independently developed by Shenyang Contor is gradually replacing the friction saw in the welded pipe industry.
[Contor News]Video of Difference between Cold saw & Friction saw[ 2016-08-18 11:01 ]
What is the difference between Friction saw and cold saw ? Whether the Existing Friction saw can be converted into cold saw or not?
[Case Demo]【Difference】Cold saw VS Friction saw[ 2016-08-04 14:58 ]
difference between Friction saw & cold saw
[Contor News]4 sets of steel tube and pipe cuttof machine delivery again[ 2015-08-31 15:07 ]
Contor CTCS 50,76,89 cold saw and 127 friction saw delivery on time.
[Contor News]Flying cold Saw Machine and Friction Saw Machine[ 2015-04-16 01:53 ]
Difference between cold saw and friction saw
[Contor News]【Difference】Cold saw and friction saw difference[ 2014-06-13 16:00 ]
flying Cold saw and friction saw difference
[FAQ]Research on the Precision of Friction Saw Influencing Workpiece Quality[ 2013-11-01 09:35 ]
The paper presents the effect of precision of friction saw on workpiece quality,which is obtained by analysing the movement of friction saw.
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