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[Contor News]Cold cutting saw knowledge quiz[ 2021-03-24 15:37 ]
some questions about flying cold saw
[Contor News]【Guangdong】Double Saw Blade Cold Cutting Saw Completed Delivery[ 2020-07-13 14:03 ]
Yesterday, double saw blades ordered from Guangdong customers shipped.
[Case Demo]【Ecuador】double-saw blade cold cutting saw & stacker[ 2020-03-26 11:09 ]
watch video check contor two blade flying saw amd stacker machine working in Ecuador
[Contor News]【Value-added services】Remote maintenance platform for cold cutting saw[ 2020-03-19 14:23 ]
Did you encounter these problems during the coronavirus
[Case Demo]【CHILE】60 cold cutting saw video[ 2020-03-07 08:50 ]
The most popular product CTCS60 flying cold cutting saw
[Contor News]Indonesia Double Saw Blade Cold Cutting Saw[ 2019-12-04 10:01 ]
two blade cold saw machine in Indonesia
[News]Jiangsu customers once again purchase Contor cold cutting saw[ 2019-06-04 13:08 ]
Cold-cut saws are used in the cutting of high-frequency straight seam welded pipes.
[News]Cold cutting saw supplier Shenyang Contor[ 2019-05-29 15:42 ]
Although the speed of the cold saw is not as fast as that of the friction saw, the result is a clean cut that does not require deburring
[Contor News]How to change the friction flying saw into a cold cutting saw[ 2019-05-22 09:18 ]
Cold-cut saws are becoming more and more popular, and how the transformation of cold-cut saws is achieved
[Contor News]Cold cutting saw operation instructions[ 2019-05-07 14:52 ]
Cold cutting saw operation preparation: start the power supply
[Contor News]Milling Type Flying Saw[ 2019-04-28 09:49 ]
Milling type Cold Cutting Saw is used to cut pipes to certain length which transported by welding part. It is a rotation radial feed type
[Contor News]Cold cutting saw once again settled in Southeast Asia[ 2019-04-20 08:42 ]
Cold-cut saws have become a hot trend overseas, and more and more foreign customers choose to manufacture in China.
[Contor News]Cold cutting saw--square tube cutting machine[ 2019-04-10 15:54 ]
The cold-cut saw cuts the square tube and the rectangular tube continuously on the line, and cuts according to the customer's requirements.
[Contor News]Welded Pipe Cold Cutting Saw[ 2019-04-10 13:38 ]
Contor welded pipe cold cutting saw is an important sawing equipment in the welded pipe production line.
[Contor News]Cold saw Blade Introduction[ 2019-04-09 14:05 ]
There are two types of saw blades commonly used for Shengyang Contor cold cutting saw
[Contor News]Special cold cutting saw for threading pipe[ 2019-04-07 15:50 ]
Cold-cut saws are increasingly favored by domestic and foreign customers. Let's take a look at how customers carefully purchase cold-cut saws.
[Contor News]High speed cold cutting saw[ 2019-03-16 13:21 ]
High-speed cold-cut saw, Shenyang Contor's new high-speed cold-cut saw uses synchronous toothed belt to drive the car. It has faster speed, higher precision and longer saw blade life. Welcome to learn about Contor's new high-speed synchronous toothed belt
[Contor News]cold cutting saw maintenance[ 2019-03-11 14:35 ]
Compared with traditional hot-cut saws, Shenyang Contor cold flying saw are more precise and stable.
[Contor News]Stainless steel composite pipe cold cutting saw[ 2019-01-21 15:40 ]
Contor has customized a special cold-cut saw for stainless steel composite pipe cutting. It can cut stainless steel composite pipe online or offline according to the actual needs of customers.
[Contor News]Welded pipe unit cold cutting saw[ 2019-01-17 14:31 ]
The cold-cut saw of the welded pipe unit is the main cutting and cutting equipment in the production of cold-formed steel and welded pipe.
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