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Contor Steel Pipe Cutting Machine, High-Quality and Worry-free[ 01-22 10:50 ]
For the operation situation of Shenyang Contor Steel Pipe Cutting Machine, you have no need to worry
2016 1st Event! Contor Employee Welfare[ 01-19 16:07 ]
Continuous learning, innovation is Contor's traditional Character. January 15-16, Shenyang Contor managers participated in the first training session of the year 2016
Contor M. & E. Believe in Concentration and Craftsmanship[ 01-11 13:35 ]
It will be 2016 Spring Festival after less than one month, however, Contor M. & E. staffs still focus on their work, aim at better products and services.
Why does everyone like Contor CNC Cutting Saw?[ 12-31 13:29 ]
Until today, Shenyang Contor Machine & Electric Equipment Co., Ltd has already served more than 5000 customers all over the world. Who said there are a thousand hamlets in a thousand people's eyes? Yes, it is true. Among thousands of steel pipe cutting...
Shenyang Contor Busy End of 2015[ 12-30 15:21 ]
On this month, cold cutting saw, flying saw cutting machine orders have been brought together to Contor factory.
Contor M. & E. Wish You Merry Christmas[ 12-24 11:05 ]
Merry Christmas & happy new year
Bazhou Sanqiang Purchased 4 Sets CNC Cutting Equipment Again[ 12-17 14:37 ]
A large numbers of Shenyang Contor M. & E. customers comes from old customers and friends'introduction. The word of mouth comes from our high quality products and worry free after-sales service.
Machine for Cut Steel Pipe Was Shipped Out Today[ 12-09 14:37 ]
Machine for Cut Steel pipe is popular in the steel pipe manufacturing industry, our customer Kunshan Fulong’s CTCS-50 was shipped out today.
Pipe Cutoff Saw Delivery to Jinagsu China[ 12-09 13:23 ]
Good product, not just by public praise
Shenyang Contor Steel Pipe Cutting Machine Commission[ 12-03 10:15 ]
Shenyang Contor Machine & Electric Equipment Co., Ltd’s main product, steel pipe cutting machine is High Tech product inside China, and own CE certificate and other national patent certificates.
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