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Steel tube and pipe cutoff saw maintenance[ 11-28 11:36 ]
steel tube and pipe cutoff machine maintenance points from Contor, China.
Cutting short steel pipes directly online[ 11-27 13:35 ]
New product of cold saw,cutoff short steel pipe online
【Tanksgiving】Every cold saw is honestly-made.[ 11-26 14:21 ]
From Aug.to Nov.,contor website received 21,054 visitors.
CNC Cutting Machines Delivery At Night[ 11-23 14:52 ]
Even at night, Shenyang Contor Staffs still arrange the CNC Cutting Machines shipment for clients.
Cut to Length Cold Saw Gain Malaysia Praise[ 11-13 15:17 ]
During August 20, 2015 to 31 Shenyang Contor electrical engineer Yang Bo visit our Malaysia client.
Henan Client Visit Contor Check Automatic Pipe Cutters[ 11-10 14:55 ]
On November 4th. 2015, the customers from Henan Province came to us and check Shenyang Contor Automatic Pipe Cutters.
Contor Purchasing Empty Cabinet for Cold Saw[ 11-03 14:25 ]
Any requirements about tube and pipe cutoff please contact us: contor@scontor.net.
Japanese "Iris Group" Visit Contor Check Flying Saw[ 11-03 14:07 ]
Japanese Companies "Iris Group" Came to Get CTCS 32 Acceptance Test.
How to Win-Win and Create Value for Customers[ 10-28 11:43 ]
Doctoral Advisor Professor Ma from Nankai University arrived in Shenyang on October 15th, and spent two days training Sales Department for Shenyang Contor Machine & Electric Equipment Co., Ltd
Cutting Results of Circular Cold Cut Saw[ 10-27 14:15 ]
Shenyang Contor Circular Cold Cut Saw is famous of its better cutting edge without burrs.
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