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Single Blade Flying Saw in Shanghai Steel Pipe Exhibition[ 10-26 14:07 ]
Shenyang Contor’s single blade flying saw was exhibited and got wide attention from inside and foreign friends.
Single Blade Flying Saw on Delivery[ 10-20 11:14 ]
we develop the cold saw tube cutting machine ourselves including mechanical and electrical parts.
Leading technology of cold saw[ 10-19 09:48 ]
Flying Cold Saw known as: cold saws, circular saws, also known as cold sawing, cold cutoff saws.
【JiangSu】Contor Flying Saw Wins More and More Trust[ 10-09 11:37 ]
JiangSu customer bought one set of CTCS 89 from Shenyang Contor Machine & Electric Equipment Co., Ltd, today the flying saw they ordered is shipped.
CNC Blade Cutting Machine Shipout to Dubai[ 09-28 11:10 ]
Shenyang Contor CTCS series 60 cold saw delivery on time.
Shenyang Contor Employees Happy trip![ 09-22 15:18 ]
Among the 9th to 12th on September,Shenyang Contor organize collective tourism once a year, in order to appreciate employees a year of hard work.
4 sets of flying saws delivery on time again[ 09-17 16:10 ]
Flying Saw control system adopted CT-01 motion controller which independently developed by our company.
Flying Saw in Indian Welded Pipeline[ 09-15 11:36 ]
Indian client ordered 4 sets of cold saws from Contor Again.
Tube and Pipe Cutoff Machine Manufacturer Inner Meeting[ 09-08 11:42 ]
Continuous learning can keep us always be welded tube and pipe cutoff machine industry leader.
Closely Contact the Cold Saw Commission Cutting Process of Contor M. & E.[ 09-02 13:26 ]
“Skill、Product、Brand” hare the three points which Contor M. & E. pays attention to.
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