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The Year-end Party of Shenyang Contor M. & E.[ 03-07 10:42 ]
Before the Chinese Lunar New Year, Contor M. & E held the Year-end Party. Let’s look back to some pictures that day.
Flying Cold Saw Shipped Out from Contor M.& E.[ 03-06 11:13 ]
On March 5th, 2015, Contor M. & E. shipped out one more flying cold saw. Congratulation to our customer.
Brilliant 2015 is coming![ 03-03 11:06 ]
Chinese New Year holiday is over, 2015 will be a harvest year! Fruitful 2014, and then brilliant 2015!
Spring Festival Holiday Arrangement[ 02-09 10:56 ]
Shenyang Contor wish you have a Happy Chinese New Year!
Flying saw--Cutting Pipes Inline Loading in Contor Factory.[ 02-02 16:05 ]
Two sets of Shenyang Contor flying saw deliverry on time again!
Tube cut-off machine for cutoff tube online[ 01-26 13:33 ]
Shenyang Contor 8 sets of Tube cut-off machine for cutoff tube online delivery on time.
Shenyang Contor Busy in 2015,Just Beginning.[ 01-19 13:52 ]
At the beginning of New Year Contor employees start their busy day with enthusiasm and create the brilliance of 2015.
The First Contor’s Flying Saw Delivery in 2015[ 01-06 13:56 ]
Contor 32 & 50 flying saw sent outland.
Blades Cutting Saw Cutoff Pipes online[ 12-31 16:06 ]
Contor cold flying saw delivery on time.
Cold Cutoff Saw Sent to the Middle East[ 12-23 10:53 ]
4 sets of Contor cold flying saw loading in the workshop
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