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Large Diameter Pipe Cutting Machine[ 12-18 14:08 ]
With the increasing of pipe diameter, suitable for small diameter steel pipe sawing circular saws, flying saws has been difficult to meet large diameter pipe production requirements.
Pray Malaysia Airlines MH370[ 03-25 09:34 ]
Malaysia Airlines MH370 Flight Incident - Press Briefing by Hishammuddin Hussein, Minister of Defence and Acting Minister of Transport
The saw cart can not return after the tracing[ 11-01 09:50 ]
There is something wrong with saw cart drive motor or the saw cart electric machine.Circuit problem.Cart speed is faster than pipe speed, and the showing length is smaller above 6mm than setting length.
The system can not enter the mode of auto.[ 11-01 09:47 ]
The saw cart isn’t at the position of the HOME key light shinning.The line J141 didn’t connect with the motion controller.The line J160 didn’t connect with the motion controller. There are problems or no feedback for cart motor driving, feeding motor driving or cutting motor driving.
Research on the Precision of Friction Saw Influencing Workpiece Quality[ 11-01 09:35 ]
The paper presents the effect of precision of friction saw on workpiece quality,which is obtained by analysing the movement of friction saw.
The blade does not rise completely when the cart begins to return.[ 11-01 09:32 ]
The position of approaching switch for saw up is changed, and it inspects saw up signal in advance. (J160) There is interference to the approaching switch for saw up and it inspects saw up signal in advance. (J160) The pressure of the air circuit (or the oil circuit) is abnormal.The machine was worn to gaps for long time using.
What is the flying saw[ 11-01 09:29 ]
The flying sawing machine is one of the key units of the straight welded pipe production line.
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