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Chinese Festival Holiday Notice[ 09-07 11:32 ]
Mid-Autumn Festival holiday in 2019
Flying Saw Shippment[ 08-27 14:14 ]
flying cold saw machine shippment details.
Contor Customer Service Team[ 08-08 13:30 ]
Machine maintenance: Customer service engineer will help customers keep machines working well
flying saw manufacturer team introduction[ 08-05 13:30 ]
Contor Technician Team introduction
Double blade Flying Saw[ 07-25 14:37 ]
The double-saw cold-cut flying saw saves the saw blade and reduces the cost of the saw blade
ERW tube flying saw[ 07-24 13:10 ]
ERW tube and tube cutting servo motor control single blade cold flying saw.
steel pipe of the flying saw[ 07-22 11:12 ]
steel pipe of the flying saw has a strong pressure bearing capacity and good welding performance.
【SYMG】Contor Visiting Partner Company[ 04-24 15:41 ]
On the morning of April 24, 2019, some employees and leaders of Shenyang Contor visited our partner Shenyang Machine Tool
Private Enterprises Become the Largest Exhibitors of the Canton Fair[ 04-17 13:23 ]
The 125th Canton Fair opened in Guangzhou on the 15th April. Private enterprises have become the largest exhibitors of the Canton Fair.
The Feature of Flying saw cutting[ 03-05 09:25 ]
The flying saw is an automatic sawing device for cutting the continuous moving high-frequency welded pipe steel. It can realize automatic tracking and sawing under the high-speed movement of welded pipe or section steel.
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