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【Contor Exhibition】Tube Asia 2017 in Thailand BKK[ 09-27 09:52 ]
On 19th to 21st Contor Cold Saw attend the Exhibition of Tube Asia 2017 in Thailand BKK.
Contor cold type flying saw CTCS 165[ 06-07 14:20 ]
Contor cold saw type CTCS 165 working in the U.S.steel pipe factory.
【Vietnam】10 Sets Cold flying Saw Working Video[ 03-30 15:08 ]
Why lots of welded pipe manufacturers competing to buy it?
Two Blade Milling Type Cold Saw Working Video[ 03-06 15:54 ]
Fit for Big Size and wall thickness Pipe cutting inline, Contor X-Y type CTFX219.
【Vietnam】Two sets Cold Saw Working Video[ 11-28 15:47 ]
Contor CTCS 114 & CTCS 60 cold saw working in Vietnam successfully. Pipe size in the video is 100x50x1.4mm 50x80x1.4mm, welcome to watch video:    Contor specialized in metal sawing field for more than 20 years, cold saw users around the world? I...
Notice About CT-01 Out of Production[ 10-31 11:13 ]
From January 1, 2017, the sale of the CT-01 motion controller will be discontinued
Video of Difference between Cold saw & Friction saw[ 08-18 11:01 ]
What is the difference between Friction saw and cold saw ? Whether the Existing Friction saw can be converted into cold saw or not?
Chile Factory also Adopted Contor Double Blade Cold Saw[ 07-30 13:29 ]
CTCS 219 double blade cold saw operating in Chile
CTCS 127 Cold Saw Operating in Shandong[ 07-19 11:19 ]
There's a question that why cold saw is so popular?
How to Purchase a Suitable Steel Tube and Pipe Cutting Machine?[ 06-07 09:19 ]
Choose steel tube and pipe cutting machine manufacturer
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