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High speed steel cold saw equipment[ 10-30 15:02 ]
The design of high-speed steel cold sawing equipment is accurate and reasonable, and the welded pipe is cut online, which has good safety, low noise, flat cut, no deformation and burr.
Flying Cold Cut-off Saw CTCS 32 Video[ 10-25 14:49 ]
Conte 32 cold cut saw video - Cambodia; Conte 32 cold cut saw video - South Korea
Meet us on 16-20th April 2018,in Dusseldorf Tube Exhibition.Hall6 F10-4!
【Contor Exhibition】Tube Asia 2017 in Thailand BKK[ 09-27 09:52 ]
On 19th to 21st Contor Cold Saw attend the Exhibition of Tube Asia 2017 in Thailand BKK.
Contor cold type flying saw CTCS 165[ 06-07 14:20 ]
Contor cold saw type CTCS 165 working in the U.S.steel pipe factory.
【Vietnam】10 Sets Cold flying Saw Working Video[ 03-30 15:08 ]
Why lots of welded pipe manufacturers competing to buy it?
Two Blade Milling Type Cold Saw Working Video[ 03-06 15:54 ]
Fit for Big Size and wall thickness Pipe cutting inline, Contor X-Y type CTFX219.
【Vietnam】Two sets Cold Saw Working Video[ 11-28 15:47 ]
Contor CTCS 114 & CTCS 60 cold saw working in Vietnam successfully. Pipe size in the video is 100x50x1.4mm 50x80x1.4mm, welcome to watch video:    Contor specialized in metal sawing field for more than 20 years, cold saw users around the world? I...
Notice About CT-01 Out of Production[ 10-31 11:13 ]
From January 1, 2017, the sale of the CT-01 motion controller will be discontinued
Video of Difference between Cold saw & Friction saw[ 08-18 11:01 ]
What is the difference between Friction saw and cold saw ? Whether the Existing Friction saw can be converted into cold saw or not?
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