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About Shenyang Contor Machine

About Shenyang Contor Machine

Shenyang  Contor  Machine


Shenyang Contor Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.,is the company which produces “NC cold flying saw” used for erw pipe line with the best quality, professional technology service and big market share. It established in 1992, which is identified as the high-tech enterprises by national technology agency. 95% of our staff are bachelor degree or above. It is mainly engaged in manufacture, development and sale of digital motion controller and application of processing equipment in phase in constant production line for long than 20 years, such as “NC cold flying saw system “,” Friction Flying Saw”, “NC cold flying saw” and “milling type flying cut-off machine” those 4 main machines . We have supplied more than 4000 sets of the machines to many countries.

Asia: South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia ,Singapore, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, kazakhstan, uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iraq ,Iran, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi, Arabia, the united Arab emirates (uae) Israel, Armenia, Turkey.

Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary in Spain

Africa: Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Tunisia, Algeria, Ethiopia Ivory Coast, South Africa, Nigeria

American Continent: Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Chile

The machines are the samel as new system development for users. The major product “FJ computer-controlled flying saw” was appointed as new product by State Bureau of Technical Supervision and listed in National Torch Plan. Taking credit, service and technology as our tenet, To concentrate in"dynamic cutting equipment" is the corporate idea ,the company becomes the supporter of National Key Technological Achievements Extension Plan and integrates industry, study and research. Our company is still market and customer-oriented, and nigh-tech products developed in pursuit.

1 To meet user’s requirement, we firstly adopted oversea digital driving system to substitute simu lating system in 2000.

2 CD-A computer, compatible with FJ-B of the original Shen Yang institute of technology, was produced in 2001.

3 In 2002, high precision ( ±0.5mm ) and speed ( ≥150m/min ) standard servo flying saw was produced and applied to lamp tube line. Rotary flying saw was developed the same year.

4 In June 2003, AC flying saw replaced DC saw. It has already applied for patent (Patent No. 03238131.X).

5 In March 2003, NC research team was set up supported by the institute.

6 In April 2004, 32-bit CT-01 digital controller was promoted to satisfy users. In July the absolute synchronized saw was launched.

7. Now we have large-caliber saw, high-precision/speed board horizontal and punching shears. We have many kinds of shearing and cutting machines in many industries and applications.

8. The cold flying saw machine was put into market in 2008, and brought on stream in 2009. In 2012, the annual output is above 80 sets. November 2012 ,holding12 patents was identified by Shenyang science achievements.

9. The milling flying saw is developed successfully in 2009.

Till now, we can provide the complete welded pipe production line, stainless steel pipe flying saw, deformed steel bar production line production line according to customer request. Also we specialized in manufacturing online cutting and shearing machines, such as welded pipe flying cutoff machine, stainless steel pipe flying cutoff machine, steel plate flying shear machine, deformed steel bar flying shear machines with a good effect and high precision cutting. At present, our main products, such as welded pipe equipments, cutting and shearing machines have been sold all over the world, nearly 2000 customers including America, Russia, Ukraine etc.

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