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Nc cold flying saw
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406 milling type cutoff saw
406 milling type cutoff saw
1.Double blade rotation cold cutting
2.Man-computer interface design
3.LCD touch screen
4.High speed & High precision cutting
5.Anti-jamming capability
6.Lower Machinery Malfunction rate
7.Maintain easily & long life
8.Excellent cuting edge, no burrs & save costs
CNC Tube Cutting Machine
CNC Tube Cutting Machine
cold cutting
Automated sawing tubes
High Production
perfect cutting edge
CTCS 127 cold saw
CTCS 127 cold saw
1.Auto control (Manual control is available.)
2.LCD touch screen.
3.High speed and high precision cutting.
4.Excellent cutting edge,no burrs & save product costs
Special type pipe flying saw
Special type pipe flying saw
Designed according to customer requirements.
Cold flying saw system
Cold flying saw system
1.Continuously follow and presisely cut pipes.
2.Fitting for different material without burrs.
3.Greatly improve the productivity.
CTFS 219 double blade cold saw
CTFS 219 double blade cold saw
ound pipe: φ76—φ219mm
square pipe: 60*60—150*150mm
rectangle pipe: 50*100—100*150mm
thickness: 2.5~8.1mm

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Pipe cold cutting machine

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The CTCS Series pipe cold cutting machine is designed to meet customers requirement for cutoff round pipe,rectangle pipe & oval pipe inline.


Tube is automated cut into given length without burr. It’s full automatic operation.The saw carriage,which is driven by Servo motor,traveling on the bed at same speed as one of tube. Tube is clamped by Hydraulic/pneumatic cylinder and is cut by rotating saw which drop down by AC/servo motor. After cutting the tube, the saw carriage rapidly return to home position. The saw blade is driven by  servo motor. Cut length and counting are accurately controlled by servo drive unit.This machine includes fabricated steel carriage which mount a clamping device and sawing machine. Carriage is also equipped with rack and pinion driven by servo motor. More details contact us email:contor@scontor.net

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