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Cold cut flying saw repurchase rate is high[ 03-15 15:51 ]
Recently, the welded pipe sawing manufacturer CONTOR has ushered in another group of VIP from Bulgaria. The visiting users visit us to check whether the cold-cut flying saws they purchased two months ago meet the contract standards.
CNC dual blade cutting machine[ 04-02 09:38 ]
The CNC dual blade cutting machine is a fixed-length cutting steel pipe in the continuous production of straight pipe or square rectangular pipe straight seam welded pipe production line
flying saw manufacturer team introduction[ 08-05 13:30 ]
Contor Technician Team introduction
【SYMG】Contor Visiting Partner Company[ 04-24 15:41 ]
On the morning of April 24, 2019, some employees and leaders of Shenyang Contor visited our partner Shenyang Machine Tool
Private Enterprises Become the Largest Exhibitors of the Canton Fair[ 04-17 13:23 ]
The 125th Canton Fair opened in Guangzhou on the 15th April. Private enterprises have become the largest exhibitors of the Canton Fair.
【Paraguay】Flying cold Cut off saw Video[ 03-01 09:58 ]
We have set up flying cutoff saws for 5000+ welded pipe manufacturers around the world, rich experience in on-site sawing and feedback from many users,
【Poland】Flying Cut off Saw Video[ 02-26 15:28 ]
Contor flying cut off saw has been successfully run in West Asia, Middle East and Southeast Asia countries last year added The Belt and Road Eastern European country - Poland
Welded pipe stacking & Packaging machine[ 02-16 11:31 ]
The welded pipe automatic stacking and packaging machine is a high-tech product integrating machine and electricity.
Contor Cold Flying Saw Good Opening[ 02-16 10:53 ]
On the first day of the first month, at the touch of a hair, the early CONTOR friends participated in the groundbreaking ceremony.Open the door, everything is red, good luck, and the money is coming
Single saw blade flying saw[ 01-28 15:22 ]
Single saw blade milling type welded pipe flying saw machine, which comprises machine base, vertical guide rail, synchronous system with synchronous car
Stainless steel composite pipe cold cutting saw[ 01-21 15:40 ]
Contor has customized a special cold-cut saw for stainless steel composite pipe cutting. It can cut stainless steel composite pipe online or offline according to the actual needs of customers.
Welded pipe unit cold cutting saw[ 01-17 14:31 ]
The cold-cut saw of the welded pipe unit is the main cutting and cutting equipment in the production of cold-formed steel and welded pipe.
Automatic high-speed pipe cutting machine[ 01-15 15:00 ]
Fully automatic high-speed pipe cutting machine for welded pipe equipment is used in: sanitary pipe industry, home fittings, metal furniture industry, shelf materials, guardrail manufacturers, scaffold manufacturers, greenhouse chemicals, electric sports equipment, automobile industry, bicycles and other metal pipes. industry.
cold sawing car anti-collision bar[ 01-14 15:29 ]
The design of the automobile anti-collision bar cutting machine is accurate and reasonable. When cutting the pipe diameter online, the safety is good, the noise is small, the incision is flat, and there is no deformation and burr.
Welded pipe cutting machine[ 01-12 14:20 ]
It adopts mature DSP technology and interacts with the device through human-machine interface. It can be divided into manual and automatic operation, which is easy to operate and easy to learn.
Round pipe stacking[ 01-12 13:17 ]
Practice has proved that the Contor automatic round tube stacking and packaging machine can greatly increase the speed of the welded pipe unit by 30%-50%, increase the production capacity
Steel Pipe Stacking and Package[ 01-11 13:42 ]
Contor can customize the automatic steel tube stacking & Package machine according to the requirements of the user.
Cold flying saw factory quality inspection[ 01-09 13:39 ]
Cold flying saws have been widely used in the pipe industry,Accurate, efficient and burr-free cutting quality has been chosen by many pipe industry
Burrless flying saw[ 12-18 10:26 ]
The burr-free flying saw machine is also called the cold-cut flying saw. It is controlled by the DSP technology of the Shenyang contor motion controller.
Cold flying saw in Malaysia[ 11-08 15:54 ]
Two sets cold saw CTCS 76&89 Video
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