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Product Name:The pipe line system

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      1.high precision & high EFT
      2.response quickly & well synchronism
      3.PLC to operate I/O, deep extension and simple wiring.
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    Adopt PLC digital operation with high precision, high EFT, response quickly and well synchronism advantages. PLC to operate I/O can improve the warning protecting system, deep extension and simple wiring. It is direct and convenient by using human-machine interface to monitor the production data. There is well connection among the main control system, welding system and flying saw system, which improves the safety of production. The basic configuration of the main driving motor control system:
    1. controller :PLC Siemens S7-300
                            Siemens S7-1200
    Mitsu FX_2N
    2. drive motor: Park 590,591
                          Siemens6 RA70 ETD790
    3. touch screen:Siemens 6"10"12"colorful screen
                    Mitsu 6"8" colorful screen

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