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Flying cold saw cutoff smaller tube

Categories: Case DemoStars: 3Stars Visit: - Release time: 2016-01-12 11:07:00
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Flying Cold saw for cutting steel pipe into burr free cutting, with length tolerance of +/- 0.5 mm.  It is for the purpose of cutting pipes into smaller length inline. This machine used  for cutting smaller  pipe lengths, which the on line mill can not do before. Now is working in Dalian Iris (Japan) steel pipe company.

Traditionally, in the welding pipeline when sawing smaller tube, tubes usually cut into the longer one, and need some workers to carry the longer tube to the offline cutting machine doing secondary cutoff. How to achieve sawing tubes inline directly with high speed, it has been the problem in tube cutting field; 

It's very meaningful project that we customize this cold saw for Dalian Iris company which can realize inline sawing tube, eliminate the secondary process and improve production efficiency. This cold saw has been put into production now. From manufacturing to installation Totally spent two months, Contor engineer also came to the site to train their workers how to use the cold saw for free.