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    Flying Saw in Indian Welded Pipeline

    Categories: Contor NewsStars: 3Stars Visit: - Release time: 2015-09-15 11:36:00
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    In 2014, Indian client through the friend introduced contact shenyang Contor machine and electric equipment co., LTD. Customize the flying saw machine for welded pipe production line. After a series of emails, visit, the customer  choose us and ordered three flying sawing machines. Customer visit us again in August 2015, after a series of talks and factory visit, re-order four cold saws from us.

    Indian client cold saw technical tlking

    Before Contor the customer always choose the European and American ERW pipeline manufacturer to provide full welded pipe production line equipment. Thank the customer trust us, give us a chance to prove that Chinese manufacturing advantage. Shenyang Contor always pursuit international quality to meet customer demands at the best price.

    Cold saw factory Indian visit Contor factory

    Among talking to Indian customer when the general manager asked, India also has a lot of flying saw machine manufacturers, why do you want to China to buy? Is China's flying saw in good quality? Customer: not Chinese flying saw in good quality, just Contor's flying saw is in good quality and reliable! This dialogue, excited company, sure we face to face with the customers we have more confident to build first brand of dynamic metal cutting equipment in China! 

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