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CTCS 127 cold saw
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CTFS 219 double blade cold saw
CTFS 219 double blade cold saw
ound pipe: φ76—φ219mm
square pipe: 60*60—150*150mm
rectangle pipe: 50*100—100*150mm
thickness: 2.5~8.1mm
Tube Packaging Machine
Tube Packaging Machine
It is mainly used for the finished pipe turning collection、 stacking and bundling for welded pipe production lines.

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What is high frequency welded pipe production line

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The high-frequency welded pipe production line is equipment for producing steel pipes: mainly composed of uncoiler, leveler, shear butt welder, storage materialLooper, forming sizing machine, computer flying saw, hydraulic pressure testing machine, blanking roller table, flaw detection equipment, packing machine, etc.The high-frequency welding pipe equipment is to send a steel strip of a certain specification into the machine, and the steel strip is rolled into a tube blank through a forming roller.Through a high-frequency welding machine, the welding is completed under the pressure of the squeeze roller, and then cooled, sizing and straightened to the required specifications Steel Pipe.

Production of steel pipe equipment

In general, when customers need to purchase high-frequency welded pipelines, they need to fully communicate with the manufacturers so that they can understand the detailed specifications and production speed requirements of high-frequency welded pipes that customers need to produce.Welded pipe production line manufacturers customize equipment that can produce the required steel pipe specifications for customers, and help customers complete some series Equipment purchases.

flying saw

Shenyang Contor Company is engaged in the R & D, production and manufacturing of computer flying saw for more than 20 years, we have served more than 5,000 domestic and foreign customers. we have extensive field experience and continuously innovated and upgraded flying Saw equipment, if you have the procurement requirements of welded pipe production line, please contact 0086-24-89301709 Customer Service WeChat/WhatsApp:15904057530

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