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Leading technology of cold saw

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Flying Cold Saw known as: cold saws, circular saws, also known as cold sawing, cold cutoff saws. Cold saw is characterized by not high temperature annealing, so that the cutting work material hardness is not changed. So metal cold saws usually used for cutting tube and pipe profiles and other low/high-carbon material. In the metal cutting process, the heat generated by cutting the workpiece is transferred through blade and serrated on the sawdust so the workpiece and the cutting blade keep cool, hence nameed cold sawing. Cold sawing and friction saw are different, the friction saw will friction on thhe profiles so the profile and the saw blade temperature is high during sawing.

see contor cold saw video

Single blade Flying Saw:

A sawing head with blade installed on the sawing car to cut off the tube and profile. Mainly for small diameter tubes, as well as a large thick-walled pipe, Shenyang Contor developed the production of single blade flying saw speed up to 150m / min.cut-off profile with no burr.

see contor milling  type cold saw video

Double blades flying saw:

Two sawing head with blades installed on the sawing car to cut off the tube and profile. Adopt SIEMENS motion control system. Features: Small blade sawing large workpieces. Reduce large pipe, thick tube sawing time. Mainly used in large-diameter, thick-walled pipe cutting.

Toothless saw:

By no tooth saw blade and the support rollers rotating to cutoff profile. Features: mainly used to cutoff thin-walled stainless steel tube and pipe or precious metals. Improve cutting speed, as well as to reduce waste of material.

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