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tube mill machine process flow

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If you want to know how to use tube mill machine, you must master its process flow.

tube mill flow

The specific process flow of the tube mill machine is as follows: open the end of the steel coil, straighten it and send it to the subsequent equipment. After uncoiling, flatten the strip, cut the head and tail, cut the material with a disc, and then rewind the strip. The raw materials of the steel plant are fixed in length and width, and cut into the corresponding width according to the actual length of the pipe. I-shaped grooves are usually used during welding, which can make the heating uniform in the thickness direction and make the preparation of the grooves easy.


 After uncoiling, continue to flatten the strip, cut the head and tail, and cut butt welding to ensure the continuous production of the forming unit. After passing through the horizontal spiral looper, check whether there is any defect in the strip steel through non-destructive testing, and then store the strip steel in the looper device to feed the forming machine.


The prepared strip steel enters the continuous tube mill forming machine, and is gradually bent under the action of the squeeze roller until it is rolled into a round pipe. The two edges of the strip are heated to the welding temperature by a high-frequency welding machine, and then pressure welded by squeeze rollers. After that, the deburring device removes the inner and outer burrs formed by the molten or plastic metal extruded on the inner and outer surfaces of the steel pipe. 

forming machine.png

After a period of air cooling, the welded pipe is water-cooled so that the welded pipe will no longer be deformed due to air cooling. The section of the steel pipe coming out of the squeeze roll has a certain vertical ovality, and the outer diameter is slightly larger than that of the finished pipe. In order to obtain the accurate outer diameter and cross-sectional shape of the steel pipe, after water cooling, the welded pipe must be cold-sized with a sizing machine. Finally the welded pipe is cut into given length in motion by tube mill flying saw.

flying saw

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