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CTCS cold flying saw controller system outstanding features after upgrading

Categories: Contor NewsStars: 3Stars Visit: - Release time: 2014-12-09 12:44:00
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The operating system and HMI have been upgrading after the upgrading of CTCS cold flying saw motion controller system. The touch screen adopts the famous brand in Europe. Its High performance, high reliability and long life gurantee the unit operating stablity. The comprehensive upgrade operating system  5.0 has the following advantages:

 new controller system1. Lower system failure rate

Touch screen with high-end brands, the panel protection class is IP65, more calmly face the harsh operating environment. Thus ensuring the stability of the system, reduce the system failure rate.

2. Simple & clear interface, easy to operate

Based on the traditional way of combining internal and external operations, through simple training, on-site staff can quickly master the method of operation.3. Large data storage capacity & long time

All debugging multiple sets of parameters can be saved. Effectively prevent on-site staff  modify or deleted the parameters by accidentally, resulted parameters missing.

4. Upgrade debugging screen

The new debugging screen, not only convenient for facilitates conduct factory commissioning, but also convenient for on-site staff to set and commission parameter when the equipment being replaced or maintained.

5. Increased tube type selection screen

Intelligent Computing tube type selection screen saving time of on-site tube transferring. Based on the actual production conditions, the on-site staff just only need to select the tube production type on the screen.old controller system

6. More vivid & delicate system trends 

This operating system give a further improves to the communication rate. The vivid and delicate system trend give a true reflection of system operation. Above works guarantee the system operate efficiently. 

7. Three modes selectableBoot into manual mode. If such conditions of entering the analog or automatic mode are not satisfied, an error message pops up. Convenient for on-site staff to discharge fault quickly, in order to save debugging time.

8. Increased the alarm of area

The ability of calculating a single blade cutting capacity ensure the workpiece cutting neat, consistency. When the actual cutting area exceeds alarm set value, the light will flash, prompting the user to replace the blade.

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