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Cold cut flying saw rework inspection

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Thank the motherland for its great efforts. At present, the epidemic situation in the country has gradually reduced.What inspections need to be done before production?Inspection of electric control part of cold-cut flying saw Before the equipment is powered on, check the environment inside the electrical control, mainly checking for dust and humidity.According to past experience, the servo terminal may be short-circuited due to the poor environment, so the servo terminal.The sub-section is focused on the inspection site. 

Cold cut flying saw

Specific operation method: You can wipe with a clean paper towel, brush, and blow off the dust with a hair dryer.Please note during operation: ensure that the power is turned off, and the air source of the compressor cannot be used.Inspection of the mechanical part of the cold-cut flying saw: the linear guide is cleaned, and the linear guide is manually lubricated. Add rack and pinion Calcium fat motor oil (butter). Add appropriate amount of calcium grease motor oil (butter) to the feed bearing base.

flying saw

Cold cut flying saw simulation operation,After the equipment inspection and maintenance are completed, the simulation runs for more than half an hour. During the simulation, check the clamping pressure and fixture movement.Saw truck operation stability, etc., if the simulation operation is normal, the equipment can be produced normally.

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