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Difference between Flying Saw & Flying Cold Saw

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An excellent sawing scheme improves the quality of the workpiece, extends the sawing life of the saw blade and speeds up the sawing speed. This is the first step in the metal products industry to improve product quality, increase production efficiency and reduce production costs in the production process. What is the difference between a traditional ordinary flying saw and an advanced cold-cut flying saw? Today, Let us discuss together, any opinion kindly contact flyingsaw@scontor.net.

flying saw vs cold saw

Cold-cut flying saw VS flying saw

cold-cut flying saw:That is, at a normal temperature, the metal is rapidly cut by a circular saw blade that is rotated at a high speed, and the cut end face is flat and smooth as a mirror. 

flying saw:The high-speed cutting is accompanied by high temperature and spark, and the cut end face is purple and has many burrs.

Sawing Type

cold-cut flying saw:The high-speed steel saw blade rotates slowly and mills the welded pipe, so it can be burr-free and noise-free. The sawing process produces very little heat, and the saw blade has little pressure on the steel pipe and does not cause deformation of the pipe wall.Flying saw:The ordinary computer flying saw is a high-speed rotation of the tungsten steel saw blade, and the contact welding pipe generates heat to break it, which is actually blown. High burning marks are visible on the surface. A large amount of heat is generated, and the saw blade exerts a great pressure on the steel pipe, causing quality defects in the pipe wall deformation.Tolerance:cold-cut flying saw:±1.5mm, Flying saw:±2.5mm

flying saw blade

Equipment Configuration

cold-cut flying saw:Imported Yaskawa/Siemens servo drive motor + sawing motor + saw blade feed motor;console desk + cabinet;Flying saw:AC/DC Motor+ console desk


Cold-cut saw: The speed of the saw blade is about 200 m/min. Even if the saw blade accidentally bursts, it will not cause injury to personnel and equipment.flying Saw: The speed of the saw blade is 800 m/min or more. If the saw blade accidentally bursts, it will cause injury to personnel and equipment; the operation interface is cold.cold Cutting saw: clear and simple, more information and simple settings can achieve excellent cutting effect; hot cutting saw: less information on the operation interface, not easyJudging the device status does not change the cutting effect.

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