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【Guide】pocurement Guide for Cold Cutting Flying Saw

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Too many new manufacturers make me dazzled by too many manufacturers. The focus of each introduction is different, so why is it so difficult to find a suitable device! How do I choose?Is the control system stable? Since cold saws are dynamic cutting equipment, the coordination of mechanical and electrical components is particularly important. Their coordination depends on a brain-the motion controller is completely dominated. Flexible operation reduces mechanical friction, the stability of the synchronization section can increase the service life of the saw blade, and the extremely simplified operation interface reduces the technical requirements of the operator and the probability of misoperation. These are all achieved by independent research and development of motion controllers, so this is a key point that you need to focus on.


Later use cost?The dry-welded pipe industry knows that saw blade consumption is the largest component of production costs. The cost of a saw blade is not low. If the saw blade is broken during cold saw cutting, and the normal cutting count is not used, the loss of the enterprise will be great. The optimization of the mechanical part effectively increases the number of saw blades cut, and the upgrade of the controller also greatly reduces the probability of saw blades and the cost per ton.


Are there any value-added services?The era of intelligence has arrived, can the factory keep up with the situation and take advantage of the situation? Cloud platform is a new type of Internet of Things data platform. Relying on it can not only realize remote maintenance and repair, but also output production data with one click and connect to the production management system. Functions such as production cost accounting, production personnel management, and product inventory statistics can meet the needs of your smart factory and enhance your business competitiveness.Value or price?When choosing a cold cutting saw, don't just focus on the price. Good equipment can not only improve production efficiency and productivity, but also reduce personnel costs and equipment maintenance costs. The long-term calculation of the cost of the equipment is a dime, and don't miss the long-term benefits because of the immediate benefits. Time and market will test everything!

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