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How about cold-cut sawing thin materials?

Categories: Contor NewsStars: 3Stars Visit: - Release time: 2019-11-12 10:45:00
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At present, there are many netizens who call Shenyang contor to consult the cold-cut saw cutting thin material. Always have doubts about whether a cold-cut saw can cut a relatively thin-walled welded pipe. In fact, Shenyang contor can tell everyone from the perspective of cold-cut saw manufacturers, don't worry.

thin wall pipe sawing

Since its establishment, Shenyang contor has been in the history of more than 20 years. It has been engaged in the R&D, production and manufacturing of welded pipe sawing equipment. After years of development, it has more than 100 employees. From the perspective of our actual welded pipe sawing experience, the cold cutting saw has no problem in cutting thin materials, and the quality of the cutting is still smooth and burr-free. As long as the clamping pressure is good, the sawing parameters are reasonable and correct, and the thin-walled material welded pipe is sawed. 

flying cutoff saw

The sawing nozzle is very satisfactory. If you happen to have thin-walled welded pipe sawing requirements, please contact us flyingsaw@scontor.net. Shenyang contor will spare no effort to introduce you to our successful field experience, and have professional technicians to take you to visit the same flying saw machine On-site, I hope to see the reality of the scene can dispel your doubts, WeChat customer service: 18840643547

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