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Special type pipe flying saw
Special type pipe flying saw
Designed according to customer requirements.
Cold flying saw system
Cold flying saw system
1.Continuously follow and presisely cut pipes.
2.Fitting for different material without burrs.
3.Greatly improve the productivity.
CTFS 219 double blade cold saw
CTFS 219 double blade cold saw
ound pipe: φ76—φ219mm
square pipe: 60*60—150*150mm
rectangle pipe: 50*100—100*150mm
thickness: 2.5~8.1mm
CTCS 127 cold saw
CTCS 127 cold saw
1.Auto control (Manual control is available.)
2.LCD touch screen.
3.High speed and high precision cutting.
4.Excellent cutting edge,no burrs & save product costs
CNC Tube Cutting Machine
CNC Tube Cutting Machine
cold cutting
Automated sawing tubes
High Production
perfect cutting edge
406 milling type cutoff saw
406 milling type cutoff saw
1.Double blade rotation cold cutting
2.Man-computer interface design
3.LCD touch screen
4.High speed & High precision cutting
5.Anti-jamming capability
6.Lower Machinery Malfunction rate
7.Maintain easily & long life
8.Excellent cuting edge, no burrs & save costs

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Round pipe stacking

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As the competition in the welded pipe industry intensifies and the labor costs rise, the problems encountered by the welded pipe factory are: operators, especially heavy physical labor, are getting harder and harder, wages are getting higher and higher, and because of the high labor intensity, the speed of the unit is restricted. 

Round pipe stacking

The production capacity of the unit cannot be improved, how to improve production efficiency, reduce production cost, improve the automatic level of the welded pipe unit, and especially improve the automation level of the blanking part becomes an important way for the welded pipe factory to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise.

round pipe packing and stacking

Practice has proved that the Contor automatic round tube stacking and packaging machine can greatly increase the speed of the welded pipe unit by 30%-50%, increase the production capacity, increase the profit, reduce the dependence on people, and operate safer to avoid work injuries.

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