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    Flying saw Simple Operation Instruction

    Categories: Contor NewsStars: 3Stars Visit: - Release time: 2019-02-22 12:58:00
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    1.Preparation of operation

    1.1Press button of “Power ON”, and then wait for the initiation of the HMI and the control system.

    1.2Check the saw (clamps,speed measuring device) to make sure there’s nothing abnormal.


    2.1On the Touch screen, according to the pipes you’re going to produce, set the parameters of pipe OD, wall thickness and the cutting length.

    2.2Measure the real blade parameters (OD and teeth quantity)and input these parameters through the tough screen to set suitable line speed and feed amount.

    2.3After finishing the above procedures,press orderly the buttons of oil pump on, feeding on,blade on and cart on and clamps on to make the machine cut in the condition of no pipes and observe if everything for cutting is normal.

    2.4Test running: when you’re going to produce a new size pipes or make maintenance for the saw, please do test running. Make the saw to be on the zero position by manual mode, set suitable test speed and let the saw run some minutes to make sure there’s nothing abnormal and then exit from the test mode.

    2.5Auto running: First of all, please confirm the clamps and the speed measuring device are ready.Then make the cart and feeding to be on the zero position by manual to enter the auto mode. Press the short scale to see if the cutting is normal and if the cutting edge is qualified.Make some adjustment when the cutting can not meet your requirement.

    2.6When everything is ready, make the saw begin to produce automatically.

    flying saw

    3.Power off

    3.1In the state of pipe stopping running, change the test mode to manual mode and then press the buttons of oil pump off, feeding off, blade off and cart off.

    3.2Make records of running, and press button of power off. The system has no power and you can clean or maintain the saw.


    4.1Please do test running after change to a new pipe size to confirm the saw max. Speed is suitable for the production speed or not.

    4.2When the saw is running, please do not do operation of clear, and do not change the system parameter.

    4.3If the pipe is not straight, it may affect the cutting, please make the pipes straight as soon as possible. Please do not cut the open pipes.

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