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300 square CNC milling type flying cutoff contor cold saw

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300 milling type flying cutoff saw
The 300 square CNC cutting machine is another success after the company Shenyang Contor Machine and Eletric Equipment Co.,LTD successfully adjusted the size 406 cutting machine of Surya in India, Which shows that our company is qualified for cutting well in big diameter and wall thickness pipe. In the joint efforts of all people, we have made great achievements in making big size pipe cutting machine.
Summarize a set of suitable cutting parameters for big diameter and wall thickness steel pipe. With using domestic saw blade, the cutting area can reach over 2.5 square meter good cutting effect, which can save economic cost to the customers.
According to the uncertainty of strip steel joint, add the length and short scale cutting function. To ensure the waste pipes are the shortest, improving the yield of welded pipe.
According to the requirements of site operation workers for manufacturer, we specially designed a set of automatic chip removal device. In the case of non-stop, make sawdust can be automatically collected into the waster car. It can reduce the labor intensity of the workers achieving the high praise.
We made the reform of the clamp with the requirements of the customer in mould changing time .The adjustment time of flying saw from the past more than four hours down to less than two hours, reducing the labor intensity of the workers and saving time, greatly improving the production efficiency.
We made great achievements in adjusting this machine. Fully understand the customers’ production requirements, more enriched in adjusting data. It lays foundation for us to develop the next generation milling type cutoff machine, which can accelerate to achieve the goal of being the first one in China flying saw.

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