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How to change the saw blade

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saw blade

1. Keep the cold-cutting saw at the home position, lift the saw blade to the zero position, and turn off the power

2. Open the locking screw and remove the saw door.

3. Loosen the locking screw, loosen the nut with a wrench, remove the blade gland and remove the saw blade

4. When installing the cold saw blade, install it in the reverse order above.

cold saw


1. To prevent injury when touching the cold saw blade, use protective equipment and handle it carefully.

2. When removing the nut, please use the special wrench, and it is forbidden to strike the nut.

3. The saw blade is cleaned before and after disassembly.

4. After replacing the cold saw blade, input the outer diameter of the new saw blade, the number of teeth and other specifications on the operation console of the electronic control console.

5. Cold-cut saw with HSS/TCT blade, pay attention to replace the saw blade shaft

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