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CTCS 127 flyin cold saw
CTCS 127 flyin cold saw
1.Auto control (Manual control is available.)
2.LCD touch screen.
3.High speed and high precision cutting.
4.Excellent cutting edge,no burrs & save product costs
165 Cold flying saw
165 Cold flying saw
1.Automated cutting inline
2.LCD touch screen.
3.High speed and high precision cutting.
4.Excellent cutting edge,no burrs
Steel Tube Bundle Machine
Steel Tube Bundle Machine
It is mainly used for the finished pipe turning collection、 stacking and bundling for welded pipe production lines.
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Automatic Tube Cutting Machine
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CTFX 219 double blade flying saw
CTFX 219 double blade flying saw
ound pipe: φ89—φ219mm
square pipe: 75*75—150*150mm
rectangle pipe: MAX.100*200mm
thickness: 2.0~8.0mm
flying cold saw cutoff machine
flying cold saw cutoff machine
cold cutting
Automated sawing tubes
High Production
perfect cutting edge

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Cold cutting saw knowledge quiz

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Why choose a servo motor for cold cutting saws?

Servo motors are position and angle control. DC and AC motors can't do this at all. This is called servo motors with better accuracy. 0.001MM. The torque of servo motors is much greater than that of DC and AC motors. Cold cutting saw is a device that requires very high power and precision. Therefore, only servo motors can be used. The servo motor used for cold cutting saws is certain. The question is which model and brand to choose. According to Kangte's 20 years of manufacturing experience, imported servo motors have stable performance, low error rate and the highest cost performance.

How to choose the cold cutting saw headstock/reducer?

Saw blade reducer is the key to cold cutting saw. The selection has very strict requirements. Conte's cold cutting saw reducer is a specially customized product. Mainly customize according to the different materials to be cut. Therefore, before quoting, we need to know the specific tube type, material, wall thickness and other information to be cut. The quotation is the most accurate and the most comfortable to use. Why is the price of cold saws so high? At present, the price of cold cutting saws is relatively high because of the problem of process configuration and electrical options. All imported parts are costly.

What is the transmission mode of the cold cutting saw?

There are currently two transmission modes for cold cutting saws, one is the rack and pinion type, and the other is the crawler type. Gear racks are common and cost-effective. Crawler type is usually used when the unit needs super high speed.

Is the flying saw control system a PLC?

The flying saw is made into a motion controller using the more mature DSP technology to complete the calculation formula. The pulse signal is collected through the electrical measurement of the original, and the motor drives the saw car to move, and the saw car reaches the speed of the required cutting material to cut synchronously. Then return to the original position and wait for the next cutting. Some low-tech PLC or 485 chips are still used. It does not meet the accuracy requirements at all.

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