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CNC Tube Cutting Machine
CNC Tube Cutting Machine
cold cutting
Automated sawing tubes
High Production
perfect cutting edge
406 milling type cutoff saw
406 milling type cutoff saw
1.Double blade rotation cold cutting
2.Man-computer interface design
3.LCD touch screen
4.High speed & High precision cutting
5.Anti-jamming capability
6.Lower Machinery Malfunction rate
7.Maintain easily & long life
8.Excellent cuting edge, no burrs & save costs
Special type pipe flying saw
Special type pipe flying saw
Designed according to customer requirements.
Cold flying saw system
Cold flying saw system
1.Continuously follow and presisely cut pipes.
2.Fitting for different material without burrs.
3.Greatly improve the productivity.
CTFS 219 double blade cold saw
CTFS 219 double blade cold saw
ound pipe: φ76—φ219mm
square pipe: 60*60—150*150mm
rectangle pipe: 50*100—100*150mm
thickness: 2.5~8.1mm
CTCS 127 cold saw
CTCS 127 cold saw
1.Auto control (Manual control is available.)
2.LCD touch screen.
3.High speed and high precision cutting.
4.Excellent cutting edge,no burrs & save product costs

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Favorite and Trust of the Customers

Categories: Case DemoStars: 3Stars Visit: - Release time: 2013-11-01 11:12:00
RSS subscription Font size:【 Large Middle Small Source: Contor Editor: Viola Author: Andy

Four years ago, a Shenyang Contor friction saw went aboard and arrived at the workshop of our customer in Chile and began its work. At the beginning of the usage, we solved three operation problems for our customer through emails. And after that, the friction saw worked stably to create profit for the customers continuously.

Egypt client

Four years later, when the customer wanted to change a new flying saw for his Ecuador’s branch, his first choice was Shenyang Contor. When the customer sent us his enquiry, we provided him two proposals that one is friction saw and the other is cold saw, and we told him the difference and advantages of the two proposals. Soon, the customer flied to our company. He visited our workshop and attended our technical consulting meeting, which was specially held for his purpose. Our engineers answered all his questions and gave suggestions according to his requirements and the characters of his mill. He was very satisfied and signed the contract of a 76 cold saw with us then and there.

Indian client

Considering about the shape, material and the required production speed of the customer, our technical engineers designed a perfectly customized cold saw. The delicate design of the cart and the choosing accurate motors satisfied the speed requirement of 100m/min. And the special design for blades meet the customer’s demands about the lowest cost to cut pipes of different size and material.

With the insistence for technology and strict demands for product quality, Contor’s products achieve the favorite and trust of the customers. And the favorite and trust of the customers encourage Shenyang Contor to improve our technology, our quality and our service to gain better profit for our customers.