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【Ecuador】double-saw blade cold cutting saw & stacker

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Regarding the double-saw blade cold cutting saw, it is suitable for large-diameter high-intensity, thick-walled welded pipe cutting. The double-saw blade is used to perform contoured rotary cutting along the outer wall of the welded pipe. In terms of consumables, two small saw blades greatly reduce subsequent use costs. 

two blade cold cutting saw

Regarding the stacking of the finished pipe, collecting and stacking to avoid welding pipe scratches, fully automatic work, high efficiency and safety, reducing labor costs. Production scope : OD76-273mm square tube: Max.200mm rectangular tube: Max.150 * 250mm wall thickness: 2.0-12.0mm This range is for your reference Shenyang Contor professional customized service welcome to contact for details:flyingsaw@scontor.net

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