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Flying saw

Product Name:Cold flying saw system

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      1.Continuously follow and presisely cut pipes.
      2.Fitting for different material without burrs.
      3.Greatly improve the productivity.
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    cold saw control system

    CT-II motion controller developed and designed by CONTOR. Adopted DSP(Digital Signal Processor) technology. It can collect the sample signals with high speed by complex calculation. Control the cold saw to cut online material precisely.HMI operation is adopted in the LCD touch screen, you can change and view the parameter by using HMI.

    Technical date

            1) Feeding speed:<200m/min*

            2)Speed curve can be adjusted online

            3)Cutting length:<32m/min(customized by clients)

            4)Cutting precision: less than 1.5mm**

            5)Auto-cycle work (contain short scale function and manual operation)

    *According to the type of cold flying saw and clients's requirements.

    **It will be different with the different of equipment's precision and speed stability of the whole mill.

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