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Product Name:CTFS 219 double blade cold saw

double blade cold saw

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Pipe Parameter

  round pipe  φ76—φ219mm
  square pipe  60*60—150*150mm
  rectangle pipe  50*100—100*150mm
  thickness  2.5~8.1mm
  cutting precision   ±1.5mm
  cutting length   4~10m
Design & manufacture CNC cutting machine according to customer's requirement
Equipment configuration
  control system  servo system+Contor motion controller
  cutting type  double-blade mechanical milling
  drive motor  servo motor
  Spindle motor   two servo motors
  tape rotation motor  two servo motors
  feedinng Motor  wo servo motors
  linear Guides  Hiwin Taiwan
  touch screen  12 inch color HMI

Contor double blade cold saw structural features:

1.Saving the blade and reduce costs: Adopt double blade by R-θ control mode, so that the blade cutoff the profile by its contour and also two small baldes costs just  less than half of the price for a conventional blade.

2. Tipped blade, increase strength: This model machine uses high strength, high stiffness tipped saw blade for cutting the pipe with inner ribs, welded high-strength materials,and fit for wide scope material, saw blade cutting life is more than twice of the normal blade.

3.Cutoff inline, best quality with stable working performace and high efficiency: The software is independent research and development by Contor, R & D design team familiar with  pipe industry production requirements, has a wealth of experience for more than 20 years. According to pipe diameter/wall thickness/line speed  and other requirements, based on servo system and our own software we can supply best steel tube and pipe cutting solution for worldwide customer.

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