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APEC Meeting in China

Categories: Contor NewsStars: 3Stars Visit: - Release time: 2014-11-17 11:19:00
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APEC leaders' meeting holding among 5th to 11th Nov. Over 13 years, China became the host country again. In 13 years, China has hosted the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2008 Shanghai world expo, grow up to be the world's second largest economy, ranked the United States.China is the first large foreign exchange reserves and the largest trading nation. Great changes have taken place in the world, the west has experienced the worst financial crisis since the 1930 s, the world is affected and  has not yet out of the shadows.

APEC exhibition

International conference and exhibition center in Huairou yanqi lake.

APEC which owned the world's third-largest economy has her 25 anniversary this year.From the geographical concept it makes "Asia Pacific" which with 2.8 billion people become a economy that occupies half of the world's economic cooperation platform .Its members put together account for 40% of global population, account for 57% of global GDP and trade volume accounted for 46% of the world. In 2013, the volume of trade between China and APEC members account for 60% of its total foreign trade, China actual use of foreign capital is 83% and foreign investment is 69%.The international monetary fund estimates, China has contributed more than 50% of Asian economic growth, China's economy every 1% growth, will pull the economic growth of 0.3% in Asia. China will make Beijing APEC not only rich achievements but also harmonious session.The meeting will also left deep historical imprint in the development of the Asia-pacific regional cooperation and the global economy .China shall bear the responsibility, this is China's commitment must be practiced.

APEC hotel

Sunrise east kempinski hotel Huairou yanqi lake.

Meeting outcome

1. Declaration of Commemorative statement for the first time

The meeting passed "Beijing program: build integrative, innovative and interconnective Asia Pacific-APEC leaders' declaration", "to build the asia-pacific partnership for the future- 25 anniversary of asia-pacific economic cooperation (APEC) statement. Xi jinping said, I believe the statement will provide strategic guidance to APEC cooperation, strengthen APEC and  play the role of leading and coordinating in the Asia Pacific economic cooperation.

2. The roadmap is approved

Xi jinping said that APEC members decided to start the process of free trade area of the asia-pacific, approved roadmap for APEC to promote to realize the asia-pacific free trade area.This is a historic step and marks the launch of the process of free trade area of the asia-pacific. he says, this decision to promote the asia-pacific regional economic integration to a new higher level also inject new vitality for the development of the asia-pacific economic growth and members 

3. Implement cross-border education initiative 

Xi jinping said that APEC members decided to implement cross-border education, business travel card, new initiatives in the field of cross-border tourism, let more ordinary people benefit from the Pacific.

4. Interconnectivity blueprint approved documents

Xi jinping said, we approved the APEC interconnectivity blueprint landmark documents, determined in 2025 to strengthen the hardware, software, and personnel exchange connectivity vision, and complete the established specific indicators. We will increasing investment, to build an all-round and multi-level complex Asia Pacific network connectivity in accordance with the blueprint for ideas. We decided to expand the field of infrastructure investment and financing pragmatic cooperation to promote public-private partnership model, to help break the region connectivity construction fund bottleneck. As the host of the APEC meeting, China proposed at the beginning of this year to carry out feasibility study on the Asia-pacific free trade area and start the asia-pacific free trade area construction process as soon as possible.


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