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Cold cutting Saw in ERW Pipe Line

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ERW (Electric Resistance Welding) Pipes are tough and durable, resistance to high pressure and low pressure, they are widely used in agriculture, irrigation, water mains and sewerage systems, high pressure or low pressure pipeline transportation, such as natural gas,water and oil, LPG and other non-toxic gases. As the growth of ERW Pipes position in social production, ERW Pipe line draw more and more attention. 

The process picture of ERW Pipe Line:

process of ERW pipe line


The main devices in ERW Pipe Line:

1.Uncoiler is used to support the steel coils and send the strips to the leveler. Cantilever and hydraulic structure can realize positive and passive uncoil.


2.Shear welder machine is controlled by microcomputer and driven by hydraulic system, to weld metal sheet automatically by CO2 gas and realize spiral welding seam.


3.Horizontal Spiral Accumulator is the latest metallurgical equipment that can’t be eliminated to keep continuously and automatically production in welding pipe line. It stores and supplies successive strip material for forming machine.


4.Cold Flying Saw is the cutoff part, it adopts the vital technology innovation and plays an important role on the pipes’ quality. Its effect is to fix pipe length. 


Cold Flying Saw is a replacement of the traditional hot friction flying saw, stands out in the perspectives of pipes hardness, pipe cutting section and safety. Cold Flying Saw increases the production efficiency of the ERW Pipe Line.


Pipe Hardness: Cold Flying Saw could cut harder materials than the friction saw, it is OK to deal with the materials less than 1200 MP. And the traditional Hot Friction Saw could only cut 500MP materials, which means that Cold Flying Saw is available to produce more kinds of pipes. 


Pipe Cutting Section, the pipe cutting section by the Cold Flying Saw is smooth without burr. The pipes processed by the traditional hot friction saw will remain the burr, which will need flat head machine to remove the burr, so Cold Flying Saw would save one worker to operate the flat heat machine.


Safety: The blades on traditional hot friction saw usually have breakage because of higher blade rotation speed. Blade debris fly out and hurt workers. While the Cold Flying Saw would not have the phenomenon of blade debris. Cold Flying Saw is much quieter than the traditional friction with less dust, which could decrease the noise pollution and keep workplace clean.


Cold Flying Saw gives the ERW Pipe Line a better performance. As the leading brand of Cold Flying Saw, Contor is the first choice for the ERW Pipe Line factory.

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