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flying cold saw cutoff machine
flying cold saw cutoff machine
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Automated sawing tubes
High Production
perfect cutting edge
CTCS 127 flyin cold saw
CTCS 127 flyin cold saw
1.Auto control (Manual control is available.)
2.LCD touch screen.
3.High speed and high precision cutting.
4.Excellent cutting edge,no burrs & save product costs
CTFX 219 double blade flying saw
CTFX 219 double blade flying saw
ound pipe: φ89—φ219mm
square pipe: 75*75—150*150mm
rectangle pipe: MAX.100*200mm
thickness: 2.0~8.0mm
165 Cold flying saw
165 Cold flying saw
1.Automated cutting inline
2.LCD touch screen.
3.High speed and high precision cutting.
4.Excellent cutting edge,no burrs
32 Steel Tube Bundle Machine China
32 Steel Tube Bundle Machine China
It is mainly used for the finished pipe turning collection、 stacking and bundling for welded pipe production lines.
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50 Automatic Tube Cutting Machine China
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Why am I still working in Contor?

Categories: Contor NewsStars: 3Stars Visit: - Release time: 2019-05-06 14:19:00
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2014.10.8-present I have been working in Contor for 4 and a half years, but it is not very long, because the company still has more than 10 years old employees; it is not short-lived, because it has occupied my career planning. One-third of the time in the first 15 years. So why am I still working here? There are several reasons for this:

First, the product

Good products: Relatively good products in the industry are more conducive to marketing. Expensive products: More commissions, more money, faster capital accumulation. Products that solve problems for users: doing meaningful and valuable things more motivated & fulfilling

contor cold saw

Second, people

There are Bole here: Maxima often has Bole and Bole does not often have, the boss of all walks of life is tens of millions, good boss is very rare; you may not be a Maxima, you may feel that you are a salted fish, but you must have a positive attitude, as long as you Willing, as long as you want to be, she can help you and lead you; create value for the company, and gain your own knowledge and experience. The interpersonal relationship here is not complicated: no intrigue, everyone can put more energy on At work, focus is more likely to succeed.

contor employee

Third, the relatively fair mechanism

There is no absolute fairness in this world, so I call it relatively fair: here, there is gain in giving, and it is absolutely delusional to get it. It is a relatively long process, whether it is operation or sales, especially equipment sales. It may be early. I feel that I have half the effort, but in the later harvest season, it will be doubled, so it is necessary to have patience mechanics. This is also the favorite behavior of success. The final benefit distribution is like a big cake on the celebration feast. The bigger the cake. The more you get, of course, the process of making the cake in the early stage must have your participation, and enjoy it. We have a relatively fair distribution of benefits, which is the cornerstone of the cake.

Four: development prospects

After more than four years of work, I can really feel that creating a metal cutting equipment No.1 is not an empty talk. Here, we have a firm leadership, dedicated employees, from product development to production, constantly improving existing technology and management systems, and incorporating the latest reform and innovation ideas, so that as an employee, I firmly believe that this platform can be a long-term foundation; The power is weak. We all need a platform with good development prospects as support. If you leave the platform, you may not be anything; therefore, it is very important to choose a good platform. Summary: long skills, rich money, and development prospects

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