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Cold Cutting Saw Success Case

Categories: Contor NewsStars: 3Stars Visit: - Release time: 2014-11-07 14:32:00
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5 years ago, ERW pipe line factory from Chile bought a NC Friction saw from our company. After installation by us, they operate machines refering to the instruction. At the begining, we had solved three operating matters via email&phone only. After they master the using method, the cut off machine runnning steadily.


5 years later, the same client need to renew a cut off saw in their Ecuadorian divison factory. They thought about us First! After received their requirements, we introduced two machines to them. The first one is traditional friction saw, and the second one is the cold cutting saw. Based on the two type saws we designed different plans for them and presented the difference between friction saw and cold cutting saw in details. In order to witness the difference,their representative come to China. They bought a 76 NC cold flying cutting saw after visiting our factory and attending the technology seminar.


Based on their pipe's shape&material, we designed the product to meet their requirements. Precise design of cutting saw's head and the accurate choice of contorl system satisfy the client's requirement on the speed of 100m/min in ERW pipe line. Installation of two blades in the machine gurantee the cutting qulity of the pipe when the saw cutting pipes in different material and diameter. The whole design reducing the production cost at the same time.


Shenyang Contor focusing on technology research and development and the strict attitude to the qulity of the product obtained the fond and trust from our clients.

We will work hard in aspect of technological innovation and improvement products qulity in oder to create great value for our clients!



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